25 Top Affiliate Programs


  1. Travelpayouts

The Travelpayouts affiliate network covers the whole spectrum of what a traveller may need when preparing for a trip: hotels, insurance, flight tickets, transfers, rent-a-car services, etc.

Join Travelpayouts

You can earn up to 70% of the revenue; the average commission is 1.6% for flight tickets and 6% for hotel bookings. Check out more details about the commission you can earn with Travelpayouts and the payment system here. Available payout methods are:

In 2021 Paypal is one of the most popular payment systems. With Travelpayouts, it is also one of the most convenient, as the minimum payout amount via this system is just 50 dollars.

You can employ a variety of ready-to-use tools for promotion:

  1. TourRadar

TourRadar specializes  in tours to any corner of the world. By promoting the TourRadar service, you can earn 5% of the commission TourRadar receives. You can employ ready-to-use banners and widgets, placing them directly on your website. This will allow you to earn $15-$20 per trip.

  1. Sailing Europe

Sailing Europe is a website dedicated to yacht charter services. This program’s terms are quite simple: Sailing Europe provides you with banners and links and pays you €50 for every sale you bring in.

  1. Sandals and Beaches

Sandals and Beaches specializes in luxury Caribbean vacations at distant resorts. It provides a wide range of services, from romantic dinners to luxury suites. If your promotion of these services is successful, you can earn from 4% for travel product sales. You can use ready-to-use banners for promotion. The 3-month EPC is $137.99.

  1. Booking.com

Booking.com is a service that most travelers have used at least once for booking a hotel or a hostel in another city. It provides a wide range of promotional products, from links to search boxes. As for potential profit, your commission starts at 25% for a checked-out reservation, calculated from the entire Booking.com commission. As you accumulate more reservations through your website, your commission can grow, as depicted in the table below.


Nowadays, flights are accessible for anyone if you know where to look for good offers. Help your users find the best flight offers while making a profit yourself with the best flight affiliate programs!

  1. Jetradar

Jetradar is a flight metasearch website. Its purpose is to help users find the cheapest airline tickets available for a certain destination and date. Jetradar offers its affiliates 60% to 70% of its profit from every ticket sold via an affiliate link, which amounts to as much as 1.6% of the ticket price. You can use pre-made text links, banners, search forms, API and White Label for promotion purposes.

The Jetradar affiliate program is part of the Travelpayouts affiliate network. You can join it through Travelpayouts.

  1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a search engine for the cheapest tickets and for booking flights. It also provides rent-a-car services. Skyscanner affiliates can count on widgets and text links created for promotion purposes. Skyscanner is among those affiliate programs that pay per click: You can earn from $0.15 to $0.25 per exit click on average.

  1. Momondo

Momondo is a website dedicated to searching for the best travel routes. It also provides flight booking services to its users. Momondo’s affiliates get up to 75% of Momondo’s income stemming from a flight booking made by a U.S. visitor, and up to 65% for travelers from other countries. You can use banners, text links, deep links and HTML links.

Find more detailed information about the best affiliate programs for flights in this article on our blog.


  1. Shopify

Shopify is a platform for creating, managing and promoting online stores. In addition, it is one of the top paying affiliate programs. Shopify offers a 200% commission for every user who acquires the standard subscription (which can equal up to $598) or a 100% commission for every purchased enterprise plan ($2,000). You can promote Shopify via pre-made banners and links.

  1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers services for those who want to open or enhance their own online stores: hosting, design, etc. In addition, it provides tools that can help anyone promote and optimize online stores. If you join the BigCommerce affiliate program, you can earn a 200% commission for the plan price by promoting via links, banners and emails. This means you can earn $60-$500 per purchased plan.

  1. Amazon associates

This is among the best affiliate networks for beginners. As you know, Amazon is an eCommerce platform that sells countless products, from books to gardening tools.

If the user follows the link on your website and buys the product during the same session, you will get a percent of the price the user paid. The commission you’ll earn depends on the category of the product you are promoting. The highest fee is 6%.

  1. eBay partner network

eBay Partner Network works pretty much the same way that Amazon Associates does. You can encourage your users to follow the links to products placed on eBay and earn a commission if the user purchases the product within 24 hours. You get your earned commission fees every month, and they can reach 50-70% of the eBay commission, depending on the category. The Parts & Accessories and Fashion categories are the highest paying ones.


More people are meeting online to start a relationship. Take advantage of this trend and make a profit while helping your users find their soulmates.

  1. Love Revenue

This affiliate network was created to help affiliates who specialize in dating find online merchants seeking promotion for their products or services. Love Revenue promotes such brands as NextLove and Victoria Milan, to name a few. The amount of money you get will depend on the number of sales you make within 30 days; you can earn at least €70 for up to 9 sales. Take into consideration the fact that Love Revenue is also among the affiliate programs that use PayPal.

  1. Love Affiliates

Love Affiliates offers the highest commission fees in the industry: up to $500 for the first order, up to $12 for every lead and a referral commission of up to 5%. All you need to do is place the banner on your website.


Are your frequent visitors keen on keeping themselves healthy and fit? You can recommend the following brands.


The iHerb affiliate program is one of the leading programs in the field of health products. This global retailer gives its affiliates competitive rewards: a commission of 10% on all purchases made thanks to your referral. In addition, you can earn a 20% commission by promoting iHerb Brands products. You can use ready-to-use text links, images and other creative assets, as well as coupons. Moreover, you will be among the first to receive notifications about upcoming sales.

  1. The Detox Market

The Detox Market is a place where users can find anything from natural lipsticks to hair care products. The commission rate depends solely on the product category and can reach 10%. You can take advantage of the ads that the merchant provides, and be among the first ones to find out about new sales.

  1. eVitamins

This website is dedicated to selling vitamins online. If you refer your visitors here, you can earn up to 20% from their purchases. The commission rate depends on the product that was purchased; typically, it is 12%.

e programs of software-related companies are traditionally among the highest paying ones.

This is easy to understand – the more revenue your lead brings to the partner, the more profit you will get. However, this is not the only thing to focus on when looking for affiliate programs.