Best Travel Affiliate Program

1. Affiliate Program is a popular name in the travel industry.

They also have an affiliate partner program that is open for anyone with a blog/website, an app, or a travel agency. As long as you can offer the best choice of accommodations, this program is for you.

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2. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

When someone is planning a trip, they usually check out TripAdvisor for reviews, recommendations, and bookings.

Getting on this affiliate program will be valuable as you can source content from their website and link your readers back to the original content through your tracking link.

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Note: Tripadvisor program is available via CJ. You can get free Commission junction training here.

3. Agoda Affiliate Program

With over a quarter million properties, Agoda definitely deserves to be in this mega list of travel blog affiliate programs.

Their in-house affiliate programis open for everyone to join (but it’s mandatory to have a website/blog).

The approval is a manual process & takes about 48-72 hours..

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Note: Agoda’s affiliate program can also be joined using ShareASale.

4. Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner is one website that Ialways use when checking the price of a flight.

If you have never used them, you should download their mobile app & I promise you won’t be disappointed.

For your travel blog, Skyscanner offers various options. The one that you might want to start with is the Travel Widget.

Skyscanner travel affiliate booking widget

You can use this widget in your sidebar or around the content where you are more likely to have users take an action. This widget will redirect them to the Skyscanner site.

 Join Skyscanner Affiliate Program

5. AirB&B Referral Program

AirB&B referral program

Referral programs & affiliate programs are two sides of the same coin.

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In a referral program, instead of earning hard cash, you earn points (or other non-monetary value) which you can utilize to buy products on the same network.


Best Travel Affiliate Programs

ShareASale is an affiliate marketplace where you can find top affiliate programs in any niche.

Many of the popular travel airlines, hotels, and services (such as Qatar Airways, Agoda, The Lalit Hotels, Riu Hotels, etc.) are available via ShareASale.

If you have never used ShareASale before, the navigation may be confusing at the beginning.:

 Join ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace

7. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associate porgram

Whenever I research or compile an exclusive niche-based affiliate program list like this, it is always incomplete without Amazon’s affiliate program.

Amazon is the top destinationfor online buying. They have an amazing reputation and will help you earn great amounts of money in no time.

Once you join the Amazon Associates program, you can link to any of the productslisted on Amazon & earn money across the entire site.

 Join Amazon Affiliate Program